💡6 Basic Principles of Injury Prevention

1️⃣ Good Mobility 🌱 Mobility is the ability to control movement. Decreased mobility can effect the range of motion and quality of movement.
2️⃣ Flexibility 🌱 Flexibility is the ability of a muscle to be lengthened, You do need enough flexibility in your muscles to obtain functional.
3️⃣ Muscles Strength 🌱 Strength training reinforces muscles tendons and ligaments around the joint and protect them from injuries. It also help to align your posture and improve muscles imbalance.
4️⃣ Endurance 🌱 Cardiovascular and respiratory systems must be adequately conditioned to delay the onset of fatigue. When the nervous and muscular systems are unable to respond adequately to an injury-producing situation.
5️⃣ Motor Control training 🌱 is the ability to regulate or direct the mechanism essential for movement. The training focusing on input, output, and central processing for organization and production of movement.
6️⃣ Rest and Recovery 🌱 Allow the body to have a recovery time from overtraining and promote the healing process.

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