💡 5 Ideas of Active Recovery Day

Active Recovery Day is a day of low intensity activity or exercise that can help to increase muscle blood flow, helping them to recover better and faster. Make sure you active enough to increase blood flow but gentle enough to allow muscle to heal.

👇🏻 Here are 5 ideas of Active Recovery Day.

1️⃣ Mobility 🌱 is ability to move. It is necessary for any training program. Train your mobility now for your best performance.
2️⃣ Low intensity workout 🌱 such as running or cycling while you can still easy sing a song.
3️⃣ Fun activities 🌱our body need to move. Relax your body and your mind with activity you like. For example surfing or hiking on your holidays with your friends. Happiness and stay active at the same time is a key.
4️⃣ Self-myofascial release 🌱 can improve general performance and reduce muscle soreness also release tension, inflammation before you get back to intense training.
5️⃣ Stretching 🌱 help to find out tightness point in each part of your body then you can focus specificly on tightness areas.