Thai Therapeutic Treatment

This treatment is a Thai acupressure points base on traditional Thai medicine. We will focus on your concerned area and we will finish with applying hot herbal compress ball.

It can help in the following situations: release muscle tension, stimulate the nervous system, the blood circulation system, improve body balance and energy flow.

Symptoms can be treated

1. Stiff neck 

2. Upper back pain 

3. Lower back pain

4. Frozen shoulder 

5. Elbow pain 

6. Wrist and finger pain

7. Calf cramp 

8. Ankle sprain, plantar fasciitis 

9. Migraine, tension headache

10. Digestive problem 

11. Postpartum rejuvenation

12. Women's care

13. Men's care

14. Insomnia 

15. Stroke rehabilitation