Sak Ya (Herbal Tattoo)

Sakya is a treatment of traditional Thai medicine during which we will apply herbal oil below your skin by a sterile needle. Our technique will take in short time and without bleeding.

It helps in the following situations: release muscle tensions, including tightness, trigger points and muscle

cramps, reversal of atrophied muscle, relief of migraine, headache and numbness.

Symptoms can be treated

1. Stiff neck 

2. Upper back pain 

3. Lower back pain

4. Frozen shoulder 

5. Elbow pain 

6. Wrist and finger pain

7. Calf cramp 

8. Ankle sprain, plantar fasciitis 

9. Migraine, tension headache

10. Parkinson 

11. Insomnia 

12. Stroke rehabilitation

13. Bell’s palsy