Traditional Thai medicine has been used in Thailand for a long time; its core principle is the maintenance of the balance of four elements in the human body: earth, water, wind and fire. Each element influences specific parts and functions of the body and they all support each other to balance the global energy flow. The lack, or excess, of a given element can be the symptom, of the presence of a disease, or an unhealthy condition:

- the diagnosis can be done following the theory of traditional Thai medicine that provides physical assessment techniques to evaluate the presence, and cause of diseases;

- the type of treatment will depend on the disease, the symptoms, and the nature of the elements that are imbalanced. We provide a variety of therapeutic treatments, therapeutic massages and herbal medicines to take care of your health.

Symptoms can be treated:

- Sleep problem

- Digestive problems, diarrhea, constipation 

- Herpes simplex, herpes zoster

- Fever

- Migraine, headache, tension headache 

- Postpartum rejuvenation, Thai midwifery

- Hemorrhoid

- Women's care, men's care

- Muscles pain 

- Trigger fingers, frozen shoulder

- Stiff neck 

- Elbow pain 

- Wrist and finger pain

- Calf cramp 

- Stroke rehabilitation