Top 10 Things That Inspire Me to Exercise.

Top 10 Things That Inspire Me to Exercise.

1. Of course, being healthy comes first! 

2. I love seeing the sky and the clouds slowly moving in the morning.

3. Body shape may be not number three...but I put there LOL 

4. I want to improve blood circulation in my whole body, especially on my 

face. I don’t like to have pale cheeks when I meet people...wearing make-up 

can help sometimes but it's not as long-lasting as the natural way.

5. I choose to exercise in the morning because I like waking up early. 

Waking early can help create fortune and benefit your life.

6. My husband is so proud of me, he compliments and appreciates me. 

I have time to do the housework, feed the kitten, prepare my office and still 

have time to cook for the family in the evening.

7. I feel positive, more strong, more creative, ready for any challenge and 

have more energy reserves in my body and mind.

8. Everything slows down, I can see things clearly and wider. 

9. Morning is a good time for creativity.

10. I think regular exercise builds our immunity in life. I can’t do my work 

well if I am sick too often and can’t enjoy some activities with my friends if 

my body feels tired or I don't move enough.

Why don't you tell me 10 things that inspire you to exercise so we can share 

our energy with our friends in our world?!

It's Me.
Mild, Physiotherapist.

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